Quiz Help and FAQ's

If you are having trouble with our quizzes, then you are in the right place. Detailed below are some of the frequently asked questions that we are frequently asked!

1. How do Quizit quizzes work
Quizit quizzes are made up of 20 text and picture questions with multiple-choice answers. The quiz questions get harder and harder as the quiz goes on, with only 20 seconds on the timer for each question.

2. How do I register as a Quizit player?
Quizit is completely free to play and registering for your Quizit account is quick and easy. To register, simply play one of our quizzes and you will be asked for your details once you've completed the quiz.

3. Why should I register as a Quizit player?
Quizit is FREE to play and you don't have to register to play our quizzes. If you do register as a Quizit player, then you will get your scores recorded and be able to compare them to other players around the country, as well as your friends, family and colleagues quiz scores. You'll also get access to all of our other quizzes and games.

4. What are the special offers at the end of each quiz?
Once you have completed a quiz and have registered your details, we will present you with a few optional special offers that you can sign-up to. You do not have to sign-up for any offers, however if you do, you'll help us make a little extra money to keep our servers online!

5. How is my quiz score worked out?
The quiz score is based on the number of correct answers given and the time taken to complete the quiz; get ALL the questions correct and the least amount of time and you will probably top the quiz leaderboard.

6. Can I challenge my friends, family and colleagues?
Yes! As long as your friends have an email address, you can challenge them to beat your score and compete for the best position on the leaderboard. You can do this inside the quiz; using the menu on the left or by visiting the Quiz Challenge page.

7. How do I access and change my Quizit account details?
You can change, add and amend your Quizit account details using the My Account links on this website. You can find them in the section below the navigation and the Account Widget in the sidebar. Adding more information will enable you to compare yourself to our other players in far greater detail.

8. How can I get a better score on the quizzes?
To get a better score on the quizzes, try doing a little research into the quiz category and read up on some of the facts and figures; thats the only way to increase your knowledge and get the best results.

If you can not find and answer to your query, please feel free to contact us using the form provided here.